Our Activities

The Leicester Bahá’í community provide training opportunities for people of all ages to come together to read, study and reflect upon their spiritual nature.  These activities are open to all people.

Study Circles

Circles of study, open to all, enable people of varied backgrounds to advance on an equal footing and explore the application of the Bahá’í teachings to their lives and to the betterment of their communities.

Devotional Meetings

Devotional meetings are open to all and are intended to awaken spiritual susceptibilities. They help to strengthen the devotional character of the community by embracing the attitude of prayer and reverence that is universal to all religions.

We hold regular Devotional meetings, which are open to all. The aim is to come together in praying, meditating and reading spiritual writings in  a creative and uplifting way. There is no set form for such gatherings.

The purpose underlying the revelation of every heavenly Book, nay, of every divinely-revealed verse, is to endue all men with righteousness and understanding, so that peace and tranquillity may be firmly established amongst them. – Bahá’u’lláh

Monthly Get Together – open to EVERYONE!

Held on the first Sunday of each month.
A regular monthly place where people can meet together and find out more about the Bahá’í teachings.

Woodgate Resources Centre, 36 Woodgate situated opposite Aldi.
For more information please feel free to contact us.

Social Activities

Like everybody, we enjoy the opportunity to come together and socialise in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. All are welcome.